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.........March 4, 2022

  So Long Winter! Please close the door on your way out.
So when this lovely Cyclamen appeared on the kitchen window sill it seemed like a good idea to pick up a paint brush and bury myself in the glorious colours of Spring and Summer!! Enjoy!!!


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#3----Memories of the Garden


Black-Eyed Susans and Harebells

This just in!! The sun may be shining brightly but Winter still lurks. This provides a reminder on cold and mucky days that Spring is just around the corner.

Enjoy the fish pond and the Living Lilac Sanctuary as you stroll through our rustic but charming English style garden

  • Guided or self-guided tours available

  • Spend some quiet time in one of the many seating areas nestled  throughout the garden

  • Sketch or paint the bountiful blooms throughout the garden.

  • Host a garden tea party/picnic with your friends – just for the fun of it! Make our garden your Destination.

In the Garden

Our boutique features vintage glass and found treasures and handcrafted, one of a kind pottery and paintings. Our gift items are reasonably priced and, should you wish to make a purchase, it will be suitably bagged and be-ribboned and accompanied by a free card.

  • Paintings & Pottery by Sharon Ramsay Curtis

  • Vintage collectibles and Found Treasures by Bruce Curtis

There is a lot going on in the busy studio. Check it all out!  Appointments available or just stop by and say Hello, visitors are always welcome!

In the Parlour
Edward with Edward .jpg

Edward Covered and Gladiola Groundhog welcome you to their world.  Come and see for yourself what all the fun is about!

  • Schedule a book reading for your special event; perhaps an oh-so-special birthday party!

  • Learn more about using Edward and Gladi as teaching aids.

  • Visit Thomas House and hear the author read aloud from both of her magical books.

  • Visit our garden & a self-directed Adventure Walk as you discover hidden treasures through out the garden and find a magic wand!

Gladiola & Edward

Focus on Fabulous!

A weekly highlighting of some of our most special items ..


Spot-Light on Sharon's Gallery

Large footed Raku Bowl

7 in. x 14 in.

This spectacular piece is a one of a kind treasure.

A beautiful addition to any living space.


Large footed Raku bowl 7 in x 14 in.jpg