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A Little "Exterior" Decorating!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

August 1, 2020

The winter was very hard on our tree house decor so with that in mind I sent out a message to the universe that improvements needed to be made in hopes that some sort of found treasures would appear and fill the gap. Sure enough, while driving in Port Hope a couple of weeks ago, we found a raggedy wicker chair on the grassy verge out side of a home on a lovely shaded street. It appeared to be on offer to any passer by! A quick check with the owners on the porch and we made sure our assumption was correct. We then carted off our prize. A fresh coat of paint and a little white duct tape and the transformation was complete. Et voila! Our tree house is inviting once more!

That very same week two more chairs came our way after a visit to Trenton where we had another lovely visit with a home owner. She was looking for a new home for her two derelict chairs---but that is a story for another day. Keep tuned in!


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