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Another Avian Hat Trick

March 24, 2023

Three times this winter we have seen this shy feathered friend. He is a Red Bellied Woodpecker. We have not seen him here for several winters now and we were sure that he had moved along. This this winter he appeared to us three times, feasting at our feeders. One of those times there was a pair. Very exciting!

We are hoping that this means that they will remain and raise young here.

In the 35 years hat we have lived her we have seen an alarming decline in species that used to be quite common. Bats and Barn Swallows have not been seen for years. Last year we did not hear the spring song of our Brown Thrasher for the first time in our time here. Our Owls are still here occasionally but not as frequently as they once were.

We do our best to keep our property kind of wild with lots of places of refuge for them. Unfortunately, it feels a bit like a losing battle with the increases urbanization of this area. In the past our 2 1/2 acres have been a haven for all kinds of wild life, however each year we see fewer and fewer of our forest friends.

From the information appearing around us it appears that habitat will continue to be gobbled up by those who have no idea what is at stake and are only interested in profit.

It is a deep sadness for us and very hard not to become discouraged by the probable outcome. The Passenger Pigeon became extinct in 1914. So many species are endangered at the moment.

The outlook is dismal despite the appearance of the Red Bellied Wood pecker!


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