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Arn't You Gladi it's Spring-May 17, 2018

Exciting news today! Those of you who have been following the evolving of Gladiola Groundhog will be happy to hear that in 6 weeks or so Gladi will appear in her final form-hard copy. This is the last painting which is now in the hands of my computer guru Rachel Dunleavy. She will work the magic which will take my paintings and story to the publisher and set the presses to rolling. 3 years ago in June, I presented myself to Peggy Collins at Loyalist College for a story writing workshop. With coaching from Peggy in all things illustrative I was able to take the story of Gladiola to a greater skill level. Watch for the announcement that “Gladiola Groundhog Sleeps In” has landed! I am beyond thrilled!

This is the final painting in the book. You will notice that Gladiola’s clock reads half past April. The title of this painting is

Arn’t You Gladi It’s Spring!

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