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Beech Trees in Spring

April 3, 2021

For me the first sign of impending spring is always the joyful realization that the snow is melting in the woods. Rocks and logs slowly emerge! No where does it show up more clearly than in the beautiful beech woods that are ubiquitous to our part of Southern Ontario.

You may not have noticed but young Beech trees have an interesting habit. They hold onto their leaves all through the winter and into early Spring. The warm golden colour provides much needed colour in the white and grey winter months.

Then, as the snow begins to melt the trees get ready for the new year by pushing the golden leaves away from the branches so that the new shoots can begin to emerge.

Unlike the Maple trees, which lose their leaves a few at a time all throughout the fall, Beech Tree follow their ancient mandate and in one day all of the leaves flutter to the ground in an ancient ritual that welcomes Spring.

This painting is my homage to this yearly event and is titled Beech Woods-Richardson Road.

While you have missed this quiet spectacle this year, next year you might take the time to travel our country roads in early Spring and who knows you just might be lucky enough to be present on the magical day that the trees decide to welcome Spring.

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