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May 29, 2022-News Flash - IT IS FINALLY HERE!

At long last after many proof readings, corrections and adjustments, Gladiola's second book has gone to press and arrived at THE ARTFUL GARDEN GALLERY.

Gladiolia Groundhog's Glorious Garden is finally a reality. It is a tale of what happens when Gladiola Groundhog takes on a garden project. In the beginning she has no idea of the problems that will arise. This is a story about friendship, community and helping others.

Parents and educators will be delighted with this 50 page book. In addition to the beautifully illustrated story, the book features a large section that is filled with ideas and activities to encourage children in learning about gardens and growing things.

  • You can order the book by email at: * shipped at current postal rate (approx $6.00)

  • Pick it up in person at: The Artful Garden Gallery 12006 Highway # 2, Colborne. Ontario. K0K 1S0

Currently I am available to bring Gladiola and her books to your location to read and entertain small groups of children (20 or so).

In addition, The Artful Garden Gallery grounds will soon be reopening for small group readings.

If interested in hosting an event or booking a garden reading, e-mail me at or call (905) 355-3257

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