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Confessions of a Lazy Gardener

June 15, 2020

For years now I have struggled with the amount of debris produced by our 2 1/2 acre garden. There are always trees to be trimmed and there are so many branches that we can't possibly bag them up and send the to the yard waste collection programme. Every Fall we are inundated with leaves. What to do! What to do!

Mostly we have let it all accumulate in piles around the property and the years have turned most of it into mulch. That is a good thing, but I often perseverate on the mess of it all.

A year or so ago I was discussing this issue with a friend of ours and he pointed out how great the caches of debris were for the small residents of the property. In a flash the problem disappeared by viewing it from a different vantage point. How simple!!

This week my brother visited us and brought this beautiful handmade sign to grace our "back forty". We now have an Ecology Park. Problem solved!

All of which has me ruminating on the concept that so much of what stands in our way occurs because we find it so difficult to view the problem from a different perspective.

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