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Culture Days in Napanee-October 2, 2017

Edward Covered stepped out this weekend to Elena’s Cafe in Napanee, Ontario. Edward can be seen in the bottom right, peeking at that lovely Giraffe. If you are needing children’s books for upcoming special occasions, pop on down to Elena’s to view this amazing selection and treat yourself to a wonderful gourmet luncheon or snack. The laughter and smiles from the staff will make your day!

There is also a display of lovely and whimsical art upon the walls of the cafe. I was privileged to have 3 of my paintings chosen to hang in the show.

Midnight Frolic

Pastel Peter

Garden Surprise

So—–get a group of friends together and head out to Elena’s. Check out the art and investigate the wondrous culinary delights that are in store!! You will have a wonderful experience.

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