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Fete Royale-

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

May 6, 2023

I was 8 years old when Elizabeth was crowned in 1953. I spent hours and hours reading and collecting all sorts of Coronation memorabilia. My mother bought me a beautiful red scrapbook which had the official photo on the front. It was very special because money was tight and she was not generally given to such generous gifts. As a result of my upbringing I am a confirmed Royalist, and all things British are a strong strand woven through my persona. It is my history and culture.

With that as the prequel, the crowning of King Charles III has been a much anticipated event in our awareness. Early on it became apparent that we would be unable to view the festivities and it was a disappointment to Bruce and me, as he shares my sentiments.

Imagine our delight when a change in plans made it apparent that we would be at home and able to take in much of the excitement.

As a result we spent a lovely afternoon and evening of celebrating the Coronation of Charles III with a few friends. It was a spur of the moment event for us, pulled together at the last moment. Here you see brother David dressing up the cucumber sandwiches (crusts off of course) that he made. With the addition of an enormous trifle and some port and lemon we watched the events of the coronation well into the evening. Good times and memories.

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