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Garden Sculpture-of a Different Sort!

March 20. 2021

Although today is officially the first day of Spring, here in the north, we still have lots of ice on the ponds, and mounds of very dirty snow hide in unexpected nooks and crannies. This odd looking ice phenomenon was snapped just 3 days ago in our pond.

We have a garden pond which brings us so much pleasure all season 'round. The fish over winter and a bubbler keeps the water moving and oxygen available for the fish. At different times through the winter the conditions conspire to create these amazing ice shapes. They come and go through out the winter season and always are amazing. These were about two feet tall but they can be as much as 3 or 4 feet tall. Quite spectacular at times and ever-changing in shape.

Of course with the advent of the warm spring sun the sculpture melted away and that is the end until next year.

Just leaving you all with a little peak at the pond from last year. The shape of things to come.

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