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Happy New Year-We Ring in 2018

Week 52-Celebration Watercolour Hi all! Wishing you all a wonderful year to come. Like many of you I was shocked and horrified at the news of the shutting down of 52. As I read comments and and adjusted to the concept I began to make peace with whatever the outcome might be. The learning curve has been huge for me and I have gained so much from seeing what my fellow creators have posted. It has been six months since I have been able to send in work and as the close loomed closer I realized that I did not want the end (or a new beginning) to come without an offering from my brush. but what? With that question one more chunk of learning came to me. I realize that I hold myself back because I am always looking for the perfect, just right and amazing idea and often just let the opportunity to create disappear because it does not live up to my self imposed expectations!! This wee Deer mouse appeared in my family room a couple of days ago and I took the opportunity to do a quick sketch. This morning I decided to include him in the Celebration of the End (or the New Beginning) My new motto for the year to come—DON’T OVERTHINK. JUST MAKE ART! I hope to make it my way forward! Thanks to you all for the fun and games and creativity!

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