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Humanity Has Been Here Before!

Updated: May 31, 2020

March 10, 2020

Today as I stood in line practicing physical distancing due to Covid 19, waiting for my turn to go into the grocery store, my thoughts took me to the women of the Second World War. I was born in 1945, just post war, but my formative reading years were greatly taken up with "home front" war stories, Thank you Reader's Digest!

Even today I love the stories of how the women of those times managed. They stood in line for hours, often not even knowing what they would find! Sometimes they got as little as 5 potatoes. They learned to trade, to make do and get on with life. Their ingenuity with food is legendary: is it possible to make a cake with no eggs or butter? I believe so, if tales are true.

And here is the kicker---this all happened with bombed out houses, absent children and husbands, over a period of 5 years or more!

Just saying' kids! Sometimes it helps to get a different perspective!

In response to my post on Face Book I came by this recipe, a remnant of the "olden days". I love the well used pages.

It seems that the overwhelming response is that it is indeed possible to make a yummy cake without eggs or butter. I am going to try it and will report in!

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