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May 1st- So long April, we are not be sorry to see you go!!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

April 21st and still we had snow in corners. It was a looooong slow spring up until now. The buds on the daffs are just waiting for some heat and then they will spring into action. Some of the buds are half in and half out of the ground, they are so anxious to emerge. Next week they say it will finally be spring.

May 1st-That was then, and this is now---It has to be admitted that the last half of April was schizophrenic. One minute the sun was warm and the breeze balmy, next it was like we were living in a snow cone with mounds of freezing ice pellets every where. And so it went, freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw. As you can see the spring bulbs have fared very well and are coming in strong. I have concerns about the more tender denizens of the garden. The roses are looking very lifeless, and the magnolia must wonder what hit her. We will see what happens, that is the name of the game as a gardener in the north. Each year we wait to see who has survived, who can be coaxed into blooming and who will have to be replaced. The game is on!

A Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Dragonfly Garden Care who arrived yesterday to undertake a massive cleanup of  all of the winter detritus. It was a joy to look out and see everything taking shape again with out back pain and sore muscles for me. Thanks Don and Donna Spencer!

Our vultures are back and living in the Old Barn Habitat. Life in the garden is good!

One last thought-a riddle for Ontario gardeners. What is the average time elapsed between the last frost and the first mosquito and/or black fly? If our experience this year is valid—Eight hours!! So long for now and happy gardening!

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