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How Time Flies-March 17 2018

As you can see it has been ages since I have been able to post here. Family life and busy-ness in many directions seem to have used up all of my time. January and February saw the completion of the artwork for Gladiola Sleeps In. That was a huge job completed. Now Gladi is is the capable hands of Rachel Dunleavey who will get her ready to meet the publisher. I have (not so) gracefully conceded that computers are not my metier and Rachel will perform the magic necessary to go forth.

So for a while now I have been itching to get back to doing some landscape painting. Yesterday Bruce and I went for a drive and I was armed with my painting gear. We found a lovely little black water brook-lette and I did a small painting. It felt very good to be back in the game.

Creek below Brimley Road-Grafton

In a quirky little happenstance this morning, this little painting from 5 years ago  showed up on Face book. It seems to stand the test of time and I am happy to see it again. I had forgotten all about it. With Spring coming on there are going to be so many opportunities to get out and paint and for that I am exceedingly grateful!

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