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New Projects January 29 2017

January has begun in a most productive way for me.

I have joined a face book group called the 52 week Challenge. It is a group for writers and illustrators and it is meant to provide ongoing inspiration for creativity. Over the weeks to come I will be sharing my efforts. I am stretching myself to do things that I could never have imagined, both in writing and painting. The first week’s challenge was to address the concept of Whimsy. The piece I did is called Moonlight Magic-Pas de Deux.

At the moment I am three weeks behind and have learned something about my own personal way of working creatively. I seem to require long periods of time for ideas to gestate and so I am seeing that it is unlikely that I will ever make the weekly deadline but I am ok with that. Right now I am working on some dancing flamingos and a map of Australia with all kinds of Aussie bits and pieces. Also in the works are a poem and a painting which salute Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendack. Peacocks lie ahead. This is so exciting! I get to see work and get input from 5500 artists around the world. I will keep you posted!

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