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NEWS FLASH-There is more!!!!

June 12

Those of you who follow us on the Artful Garden Gallery Website will be interested to hear that the Saga of the Reluctant Wisteria continues.

After the apparent winter kill of our 20 year old Non Blooming Wisteria last spring, we planted a new plant just beside the old one. We made sure that the new plant had bloom on it when we took it home but nothing much changed over the summer.

Yesterday when trying to decide where to begin a bit of garden tidy up, and gazing idly about, I was astonished and amazed to see two interesting shapes appearing among the Wisteria leaves. With the help of Dr. Google we were able to come to the conclusion that it is very likely that we will have bloom this year.



I believe that we can now authenticate the sighting of that rare and elusive thing, a Wisteria bloom. Our suspicions are correct. This morning's view has show significant change in the shape of the original sighting. Et Voila---we present to you our newly minted, first grown Wisteria blooms. Such proud parents. Uncommon patience has rewarded us. Further photos to follow.

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