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March 4th 2020

It has long been a family joke that the date March 4th is the only day of the year that is a command. Think about it for a minute---or maybe you don't have to. It is corny but true. The very stuff of childhood giggles.

Fast forward to late April 2020. I put in my order for the very final competed versions of Gladiola Groundhog Sleeps In and waited most impatiently for the precious box to arrive. The date projected by the publisher was around March 10th. As I want about my daily business I could not help thing what fun it would be, a sign perhaps or a portent that Gladiola was finally ready to greet the wide world, if she were to arrive on March 4th.

And she did!!!

Edward Covered and his sister Charlotte welcome Gladiola Groundhog to their library!

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