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Of to a Great Art Start!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I am so loving this process. These paintings are so much fun! They come with their own system which enables the buyer to hang them anywhere at all with a single nail. They are sealed with acrylic sealer and I am about to do some experiments to see how well they last outside on a fence or hanging from a tree, I expect that they will fade but who knows?????

Showing paintings has always been a problem for me. Framing is prohibitive and does not always suit the purchaser. This way the paintings are easy to display and they can very easily get popped into a shadow box frame for a more finished look. Win Win!!!

So look for me, out and about and in the garden making paintings for the Apple Route Studio Tour September 24 and 25! Hope to see you then.

Bright's Lane-Northumberland County

Above Lock 22-Otonabee River

Moon-rise on the Secret Beach-Port Hope

Bella's Zinnia

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