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On the Hop!!!

August 5. 2023

I have been spending lots of hours in the garden this summer. Growth has been prodigious and as stated above it has kept me "on the hop" to even partly keep up with it!! Last summer I was so lucky to find an amazing helper who has the heart and ethos of a gardener. She is back this summer and we have developed a wonderful partnership/friendship.

For many years I have had a fascination with moss-----the growing of! The interesting thing is that this site produces a great deal of moss. Indeed it is most prolific in places of it's own choosing. The issue for me is that I have tried many times to re-locate it with very little success.

The dampness of this summer has encouraged me to try again. With Elizabeth's help this summer we are attempting to create a moss garden in a place of my choosing. Obviously I have lot's of moss to transplant, but the question remains---How successful will we be?

Here you see Elizabeth removing the existing weeds and grass so that we can lay down some garden cloth to keep the weeds out in the future. Unfortunately we did not have enough to cover the entire area and that may pose a problem in the future. We will see!

We then added a walkway of mulch, laid the moss in place and covered the whole area with compost. Despite watering every day, the moss is beginning to yellow but I know that moss often does go dormant in the hotter times. I will continue to water faithfully and see what happens in the cooler days of the fall.

So do come back to the Artful Garden blog before long to find out how the Moss Garden is progressing!


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