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One Sweet Pea!

October 9, 2022

I have always loved Sweet Peas but have never had much success growing anything from seed. This spring I bought a package of Sweet Pea seed and planted them in two urns near the house. I also added a package of Nasturtiums to the mix and sat back to enjoy, what I thought would be, beautiful bouquets of sweet scented flowers.

The Nasturtiums came on quite quickly and provided a wonderful pop of colour for most of the summer. Delightful!

The Sweet Peas have been another story. Three or so days out from heavy frost you see here the sum total of my entire crop. One lone purple Sweet Pea, with no more likely to show up. Not sure why the lack of success. Perhaps the Peas did not like being neighbours with the Nasturtiums. I certainly encouraged them every step of the way.

That my friends is the lure of gardening. Anything can happen and sometimes nothing, or very little does!!!

I did have some good luck with growing Foxgloves from seed and I have about 20 good sized plants that should come to bloom next year. So stay tuned for news from the Foxglove patch when next spring rolls around.

For now I am about to wander through the garden looking for tender plants that I might have missed and get them indoors before the Big Frost arrives. Then it will be time to start imagining next year's garden.

For sure, it will contain Sweet Peas on the off chance that my vision of beautiful bouquets of scented flowers will come true. Success comes to those who just keep on trying!


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