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Patience is Rewarded!

October 23, 2020

It is an interesting fact that the making of pottery is an excellent opportunity to develop a great deal of patience.

At first glance, the sight of a potter sitting at the wheel creating amazing pots in seconds, is astonishing. However the making/throwing of these creations is the most minute part of the whole process.

The process which produced these pots which you see laid out n the picture began back in March of this year.

After the making/throwing there are so many stages to navigate. The process requires that the maker wait until exactly the correct dryness is reached and then the pots need trimming. A first firing (bisque) then follows. A bisque firing partially hardens the clay making it less fragile. Dust is then removed and the bottoms of the pots are waxed. The pots are then decorated and/or glazed and fired once more. This stage is sometimes a lengthy process involving painting and designing.

Of course, the potter needs enough pots to create a kiln load. All in all a lengthy process, the upside of which is to aid in the development of patience.


Some of these pots will be having a further firing which will add to the overall design. As they are completed I will share the results with you.

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