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Another Fresh Start!

With the fresh start health-wise, it seemed a fine time to up-date the web site. It has been a tonne of fun reading over old blog posts and reminiscing and recalling times gone by. After a few hours spent wandering down memory lane I started to look forward.

With paint brush in hand I decided to create some new work specifically for the new web site and thought that you might like to be privy to the process I followed.

First I decide that I would just play with paint and see where the process took me.

I chose some colours that seemed to want an outing on the paper and proceeded to splash about adding darker areas of interest.

Something was beginning to happen, but I was not sure where it was heading!

As so often happens, I realized that I was thinking floral! So with a pencil I created the bones of a daisy.

With white gouache and water colour pencils I began to "find" my daisy, by scrubbing out paint in some places and adding it in others. This process continued for quite a while, adding and subtracting until the daisy emerged.

Et Voila! It is feeling finished or close to it. I will probably put it away for a while and drag it out in a few days or weeks to see what it has to say to me. I am thinking ahead though, peony season is coming and I think that this is a perfect technique for them. I think that I will give it a try. See you in the garden!

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