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April 21, 2021

Here in the North as the snow melts and we begin to see evidence of Spring's arrival it is quite common to hear this sort of exchange on the street . Of course, in this Year of Covid you have to listen carefully because of our masks

"Lovely day isn't it"

"Yep, but we will see snow before we are through. It's only April, ya know!"

"For sure, but we all know it never amounts to very much!"

Well, this year we did see snow with a vengeance. This is what it looked like early this morning! Even the Forsythia Family who are always cheerful seemed a bit discouraged.

Hidden underneath those overhanging boughs are some sunny Daffodils who also have some serious questions for Mother Nature.

For sure, in the years to come, we will all remember the Great Snowfall of 21!

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