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Spring-ing Forth!

March 9, 2021

A long overdue bit of joy.

As a very small child I was fascinated by an amazing plant that lived in the window of my Grandmother's house in Toronto. It put forth five-sided buds that appeared, to my childish eyes, to be made of pink wax. When it opened, tiny star-like blooms appeared that were made of white velvet. Or so I thought! This amazing feat of magic was accompanied by the most exquisite scent, which filled the room.

Latter I came to know that this plant was known as a Hoya. When my Grandmother passed away the plant came to live with my Mother and then was passed on to me and it bloomed consistently.

A few years ago in a misguided fit of indoor gardening zeal I repotted it and that is when the trouble started. No more bloom---nada-zilch-nothing. It sulked on the window sill and refused to produce it's floral largesse! It did continue to produce leaves and copious long tendrils which threaded themselves through the curtains and into tiny openings around the cupboards much to my chagrin.

Until last week, when a big surprise awaited me. Here you see the one lovely bloom which is the cause for my celebration! It called back for me so many memories of my Grandmother Sadie and her indoor plants! We have hopes that this will continue.


And speaking of indoor plants some of our other plants are feeling the effects of the warming, returning sun.

There are now some buds appearing on our 100 year old hibiscus. That is a sure sign that Spring is on it's way.

In addition, this lovely violet, which has been dormant all winter, is ready to celebrate the return of the sun.

If you are an indoor plant aficionado we hope that you too are experiencing some similar joyful experiences.

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1 Comment

Really enjoyed reading all of this, can’t wait for the warm weather and a visit on the porch!

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