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The Apple Route Studio Tour

September 25 and 25 2022

A huge shout out to the amazing organizers of The Apple Route Studio Tour! It was an fabulous event. On Saturday we were able to display work outdoors on the patio and that was most enjoyable for all.

The threat of rain for Sunday moved our out door display to the screened in porch. On this day we welcomed even more guests to the tour despite the less than encouraging weather. I was thrilled to meet so many interesting people and there was much sharing of stories and laughter.

The Abstract and Beyond #17 painting was won by a visitor from Frankford and I am so glad that it has found a happy home.

I have to again express my gratitude to the team that got us up and running post Covid. Your planning was flawless and gave this group of artists a chance to strut their stuff once more!! KUDOS to our most efficient organizers!

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