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The Art Doula!

May 21, 2024

This card, that you see featured in this blog post, is the outcome of much thought and consideration throughout the latter months of 2023 and the early months of 2024. In the post, just prior to this one, I shared with you the fact that I have been working as a Coach and Art Doula with a small group of ladies since January.

I have called them the Sunday Painters and together we have experienced a great deal. We have followed carefully planned sets of lessons which began with brushing up on drawing skills, followed by discussions and practice around seeing and working with values. We have spent time playing with colour and getting to know our paint and it's properties. Last of all we spent a little time getting ready to paint "En Plain Air"

All the while, our chief focus has been to develop and listen to our own Creative Voice.

During this time I have created an instructional manual which is about to go to the printer and will be available to participating students, so that at the end of our sessions they will have clear and specific instructions for use for their ongoing practice.

Today I am announcing the continuation of The Sunday Painters. Classes will begin on Sunday July 7 2024 and continue for 10 Sundays from 1:30 to 4:00 Classes will take place at

The Artful Garden Gallery

12006 Highway #2

Colborne Ont.

K0K 1S0

If these sessions are of interest to you and you would like further information contact me at

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