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The Days Dwindle Down!

October 7, 2020

This fall has been one of the most brilliant in the leaf display department. We have traveled the back roads almost daily with our mouths agape with the sheer magnificence of the colour! It started in late August and has crept in almost imperceptibly, each day becoming more and more stupendous than the last. The rolling hills of Northumberland have been aflame! The flower gardens have been a riot of colour and the vegetable gardens have provided produce to filled our shelves. What blessings!

That being said ,the "to do" list has burgeoned. Outdoor chairs to be washed and stacked and carried to their winter squatting spot. Eves troughs to be emptied and indoor plants carried in before the first frosts strike. The screened-in porch must be readied for winter's worst. Screens to be removed and storm windows installed-for winter storms lurk in the future. Hoses and pumps need to be drained and put to rest. Some days I feel like that busy little chipmunk who scurries hither and thither all day long.

Every part of the year carries with it's own particular rhythm and song. So we bow to the inevitable and prepare to turn to indoor pursuits. We carry with us the memories of the season just past and prepare to create new memories as we turn to the future.

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