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The Lilac Bower

November 16, 2020

If you had visited us a few years ago you would have found a magical space which was created by Mother Nature. Just the west of our home, in the years before we came to live here many lilacs flourished on the 2 1/2 acres. The lilacs were probably planted un-countable years ago by the original owners and left to themselves they grew and multiplied. When we arrived we cut meandering paths through the area and propped up branches. The branches of the lilac created a canopy which felt magical and inviting. We moved a bench/ arbour in to the space, and many a morning took a cup of coffee to enjoy the space. We call the whole area The Enchanted Forest and the lilacs became the Lilac Bower.

Over the last few years our Lilac Bower has fallen into disrepair as we have not been able to give it the attention necessary to keep it looking good. The space has suffered, with branches overgrowing and then subsiding to the ground as is the won't of lilac. Winters have been hard on it. It had become a great big mess and I was very sad about it but did not physically have the muscle power to wrestle it back into shape.

So, it is most serendipitous that Don and Donna Spencer from Dragonfly Garden Care arrived this week ready to do their best to restore the Lilac Bower, and restore they did! They untangled the mess and left me with a great big grin on my face. They cleared paths and made it possible to go out there for a morning coffee with out getting lost and tangled up in the underbrush.

I am deeply grateful to this amazing couple for all they do for us!

Here you see the bench/arbour just waiting for a visitor!

And here you can imagine yourself sitting on the bench, taking in the view, coffee in hand, and taking a quiet moment, especially precious in these Covid times.

Of course Old Man Winter will have his way with the the space but we will look forward to Spring and make such repairs as are required. We look forward to the possibility of visitors once more when these trying times depart!

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