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A Period of Inaction can be Deceiving: The Fallow time

Updated: Apr 11

March 6. 2024


If you are a Creative as I am, you will have experienced the fact that creation is an elusive creature. There are so many times when your projects are complete but new ideas seem to be in short supply.

Then is when the doubts begin to surface ...

Perhaps I am a 1 trick pony

Perhaps I will never have any more good ideas.

Perhaps I am not creative after all.

My ideas are not a good as____________________(fill in the blank here)

As Creatives there is no end to the sticks with which we choose to beat ourselves.

The times when we seem to slow down are really the richest. These times become a space to explore, to welcome new ideas willingly, to change directions, to re-asses, to rest, re-form and re-rejuvenate.

I know where of I speak, because this has happened to me so many times that I have become very well acquainted with the process.

Finally this winter when the FALLOW TIME was upon me I was able to accept it graciously and not fret knowing the time for it's usefulness was upon me.

Posted here is my first piece of visual art since the fall. It's title, Hellebore #1 I have great hopes of a series as the Hellebores have been just magnificent this Spring. The ideas from the fallow time are coming to fruition at a great rate. See below---

In exciting news I wish to report that I have been acting as an ART DOULA for a small group of women on a bi-weekly basis since January.

The word Doula is most often connected to the field of child birth. More recently it has been used to describe the work that is done by trained practitioners who are giving loving support to persons in palliative care.

The word Doula comes from the Greek word doulē, the meaning of which translates to female helper.

The ART DOULA-what does she do?

If you are still with me after all of this reading I thank you, and encourage you to check in for the next blog post where I will clarify why I am an Art Doula and exactly what that means. And what that might mean to you!

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