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Update from the Challenge February 6, 2017

Week 2 (feathered animals) and 3 (Australiana), have proved a little slow coming to completion. The drawings are done but the paintings are unfinished. On the other hand Week 3 (Ode to a favourite children’s writer) came together rather quickly. My Mother used to write poetry for social occasions, which she referred to as doggerel. The tradition continues!

Ode to Max Where has he gone, our little boy? He left his books, his suit and toy. He left his room with vines around, No more to dance, parade and pound. He’s grown and gone, we’re sad to say, The years have taken him away! It’s quiet now around our house. We monsters now can’t scare a mouse. We hope he’ll come and bring his boy, Who’ll need the suit, the books and toy. The door will open. They’ll appear, And find the wolf suit, oh so dear. We’ll hear a cry that warms our heart “LET THE WILD RUMPUS START”. So, loose the monsters, make a din. Dance and pound and show a grin. Wave your hands and climb a tree, Whirl and twirl and follow me. OUR BOYS ARE BACK! With thanks for hours of pleasure from Maurice Sendak.


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