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Update from the Garden April 23, 2017

Spring Ritual

It has been a cold, rainy, and blustery Spring, Heaven knows that we are grateful for all of the rain that we can get after our extremely arid summer last year. However,  last week there was a day when I was able to open the windows and let the breezes blow through the house. At the same time I hung out the first laundry of the season. I do so love the scent of sheets and comforters that dry in the fresh air. There is nothing quite like it in my to my mind.

I know that there are hardy souls out there who hang their laundry out all year long but I am not on that list. I guess that makes the first air dried laundry of the season all the sweeter.

The garden moves slowly in the direction of Spring. The snowdrops have come and gone. The Allium have had huge shoots up for ages, with the promise of magnificent purple globes to come and our beloved Hellebores are putting on a magnificent show. Pictures to follow shortly.

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