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Update from the Garden- Jewel Weed and Friends, August 23, 2017

Say hello to Jewel Weed in our garden! It has generously volunteered to be a most beautiful backdrop for the Coleus and Dusty Miller in our flower bed near the back door. We have never had it in this location in 30 years. Kind of make me wonder how it came to be there.

Just after July 1st we bought a few red and white impatience planters that were looking a little scruffy and nursed them back into shape. Now they are looking very cheerful and ready to welcome September!

At the same time I want to share a glimpse of the crazy giant frog who guards the patio! He appears to have a serious case of excema but he looooves his tin tub!

Bruce’s planter full of succulents is making a good show as well.  We have added some plants to the back garden and it is beginning to take shape.   More on that in later posts.

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