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Update from the Garden May 1, 2017

Fantastic Floral Fabulousness-FORSYTHIA-2017

  What an amazing year it has been for Forsythia in everyone’s gardens.

The growth of last year has lead to huge fronds springing out from existent shrubs. And the bloom—most amazing! All branches covered with the most exuberant floral growth. All over the country-side the air positively vibrates with the brilliant acid yellow! Our garden is filled with so many shrubs which we have created by layering and transplanting to new spaces.

Each of these beauties has found a home on the property and has settled in to provide us with much viewing pleasure. The grey days that have been so plenteous this Spring have provided a perfect foil for all of this rich colour. Hoping that your garden is bringing you as much pleasure as ours is to us!

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