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Update from the Garden- Pond completion and 100th Birthday Party August 10 , 2017

Our big news, Garden-wise, is the completion of our fish pond upgrade. The whole project had become stalled due to our diminished abilities to tote and carry heavy objects. With the help of the amazing young men from Highway # 2 Landscaping Company, Trenton Ontario, the project was completed just before the celebration of my Mother’s 100th birthday celebration on July 30th.

The result was that we, and the garden, looked spic and span, when family and friends gathered to celebrate Verena’s most amazing accomplishment. Here we are about to cut the cake.

Mother Nature has helped out by sending enough rain to keep everything green and lush and we send her our most hearty thanks. We do not forget that at this time last year we had learned to bathe in a tea cup and were saving every precious drop of water used in the house. We doled it out parsimoniously to all the fainting plants and apologized to those that had to wait until next time for a drink. There are those persons who are complaining  about the amount of rain we have received but I am not one of them. Thanks to the Annabelles and the Lilies for showing up just in time for our celebrations!

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