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Where Did July Go?!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

When I look back to see that my last post was on June 12th, I am astonished and amazed!!!!

It feels as if the summer has just begun and here we are half way through!

This summer has seen me busy tending to two gardens, one here in Colborne and one in the Village of Tweed. After my dreadful fall a couple of years ago Mother Nature did what she does best in any untended space and that is to fill in spaces with verdant greenery. Both gardens suffered severely from overgrown-itis and with a lot of help from Don and Donna Spencer from Dragonfly Garden Care we have seen the good bones of these gardens begin to emerge. It has been an exciting yet exhausting time but well worth the time and effort spent. I have been too busy to document the changes but will soon post some “after” pictures.

There is more news which gladdens my heart to share. If you are a follower of my wee blogette you will know that my second story book, Gladiola Groundhog Sleeps In, has been inching closer to completion. Well, this week we came one step closer to the finale, with the arrival on Friday of proof copies. Very exciting to see paper copies after all this time. There are changes to be made of course, our eagle eyes did not catch all of the mistakes but we are one step closer to final copies! Exciting. Below are some pictures of the historic moment when the UPS Guy arrived with the precious cargo. He was such a good sport and joined in happily with our celebration.


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