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Wisteria Miracle!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

August 25, 2020

It has been a busy few weeks, with much time spent watering in the garden. We have been experiencing drought conditions for most of the summer and it has been very difficult to see so many of our precious plants gasping for water.

Our garden has a large population of ferns and of course the lack of water helped to speed their demise. This of course is in the nature of ferns and the season. They will be back to bless us next spring.

Now here comes the Miracle part!! As the ferns faded from view from around the base of our newly planted Wisteria something amazing appeared to be happening! At first is was not readily apparent but as the ferns died back there appeared to be green leaves sprouting from the base of the tower which supports the Wisteria. At first we paid very little attention to the occurrence----to busy watering you know!

Before long it was impossible to ignore. The old Wisteria---The One Which Never Bloomed-was sending up shoots from the base. It fact it appears to be racing up the tower. At the moment it appears to double in size each day, but perhaps I exaggerate.

If you look carefully at the picture you can see that the left side of the tower is covered with yellowish green leaves while at the base of the righy hand side the leaves are more bluish and closer to the ground. There they are-the two Amigos-compare them to the picture that I posted in the earlier blog!

So now we wait until next Spring to see if either plant produces blooms. Mother nature is a Miracle Worker that is for sure!

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