Artist's Statement

Midway through my 7th decade, it is interesting to look back upon a life that has always had a creative and "artful" focus.  From the early childhood days at day camp, pouring and painting plaster molds, to the present day when I have begun to work with colour, line and intuition to see what will appear, my creative adventures have been many and varied.

Pottery and the forming of useful vessels attracted my attention in my 40's and for a period of time I ran a small home based business called "Fancy That!". There, I sold my work and offered pottery classes for neighbourhood children. During this time I studied life drawing and painting. It soon became obvious to me that the smooth, pure white surface of porcelain clay provided a perfect ground for painting and decorating. It turned out that it would take me well into my 50's and a meeting with Ethelwyn Rempel, China Painting artist and teacher, before my ideas would come to fruition. In recent years, the opportunity to study with potter extraordinaire, Monica Johnson, has helped me to continue to hone my skills.

All this time, my career as a kindergarten teacher was preparing me to move in a slightly different creative direction, to that of the printed word. An opportunity to attend Loyalist College, under the tutelage of Author- Illustrator Peggy Collins, came my way and I was on my way to a great deal of new learning. I have been able to use my accumulated skills and love of words to produce two illustrated children's story books which are available in our Artful Garden Gallery.

I have learned so much about the world and myself through this fruitful journey and can hardly wait to see  what the next learning will be!

In the words of Maggie Muggins, one of my childhood book friends

"Tralala-lor-ow---I don't know what will happen tomorrow"

That excites me deeply!

It is a joy to share my work with you

New Work



In the Beginning

Decades ago, chance provided an opportunity for me to make the acquaintance of a potter by the name of Mary Dozema. I became enchanted by the possibilities for creation that clay provided. Mary became my teacher and mentor. I signed up for classes and thus began a journey that has beckoned me on for about 50 years. After a year or so of being the proud creator of some very ugly pots, my skill level improved and I dove head first into the world of pottery. I took classes wherever and whenever they were offered and opened my first home based shop called "Fancy That!"


My first pieces were very traditional, glaze on glaze similar to the effects that you see below. I still do some of this work although my imagination has recently taken me in some different directions.


Water Colour Gallery

For a long time traditional water colour work has been my preferred method of expression. Many years of life drawing and painting with Carol Reynolds at the Cream of Barley Mill in Bowmanville, honed my skills and led to a deep friendship. Our move to Colborne connected me with Martha Robinson and that friendship led to years of painting "on location" in all weathers. It continues to give me great pleasure to record the rural countryside in all seasons and moods.


Pottery - Nebula Series

The decoration of these porcelain objects is inspired by random marks that are made by under-glaze colours and

soap bubbles. The pieces are then fired to a high temperature. After being embellished by coloured inks,

they are completed by several more firings. Dishwasher safe, their designs will provide hours of exercise for your imagination!  


Pottery - Sunflower Series

Who does not love the sheer magnificence of sunflowers?


China Painting - Highlighting The Natural World

The natural world  is always  before us to provide inspiration.

Graphics Gallery

Neurographic Art

Neurographic art is a way to transform the fear and chaos looming in our

world into something more calming and peaceful. It is a technique that helps to slow the roof brain chatter. It allows a person to become aware of issues which are troublesome to them and puts a focus upon the do-able things that make it possible for it's practitioners to move forward in life by bringing understanding and awareness to their lives. 

Each is a moving meditation and a way to give validation to our instinctual voice. The techniques are available to all persons regardless of their age or technical "artistic" skills. These are my offerings.

Meditations on Life
  Mixed Media on paper

Water Colour
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