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And Suddenly it was Christmas!

December 25, 2020

In the count down to Christmas despite the Covid restrictions, or indeed perhaps because of them, the days appeared to fly by. Each day seemed to begin with a "to do " list.

I have to confess that I have been rather glad that the garden responsibilities have left that never ending list, for a time, and that finally, there has been some time to put the indoor state of affairs into some sort of order. That certainly has brought me a kind of contentment. I have been able to put the studio/gallery into order and make better use of the space.

Back in June when the realities of living with Covid conditions began to become more entrenched, I began a small project which I called A Haiku A Day. A haiku as you may or may not know is a tiny poem consisting of 3 lines. The poem is intended to capture some aspect of life, often the natural world or personal feelings. Each line contains a certain number of syllables, Line # 1 has 5 syllables, line # 2 has 7 syllables and the last line has # 5 syllables. I never did reach the goal of one haiku a day, but I did create quite a few. Having that focus often helped me to look beyond the daily irritations that were presented by Covid and greatly improved my mood.

Here then, is my Christmas Morning Haiku.

December 25, 2020

Celebrating Christmas 2020

Our Covid Christmas.

Lights glow on our aged tree.

We will find new ways.

Old ways bring Comfort

New ways can bring us insight!

Perfect partners! Yes!!!

To those who check in to the Artful Garden Gallery on a regular basis, we wish you joy, whatever your faith and may the New Year bring many blessings upon your house!

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