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Here at the Artful Garden Gallery it is our pleasure to share with you and the children in your world, the adventures of a Bear and a Groundhog. Edward Covered and Gladiola Groundhog welcome you into their stories and their creator would be delighted to do a reading for your group. Sign up today for an event that is up close and personal and filled with fun!

Also books can be ordered and sent to you.

They will be autographed and can be personalized to your gift-ee.

Gladiola Sleeps In!-$20:00-$6:00 to ship

Gladiola's Glorious Garden!-$20:00-$6:00 to ship

Edward Covered-$12:00-$6:00 to ship

If you are local to Colborne and area, pick up or delivery can be arranged.

to place an order or book a reading, go to

Open Books

Edward & Gladi in The PRESS!

Open Books

Ron Mackay

Author of

'Fortunate Isle: A Memoire of Tenerife'

Edward Covered is a charming children’s book that can be read and admired by adults to children.. It can also be profitably read and admired by children alone or even by adults.

Edward Covered comprises the elements essential to a good short story that appeals to children, to their parents and to all other grown-ups who can still tap into the childlike nature that never leaves us: it is safe, joyous, comforting , includes at least one animal and plays with words as if they were brightly-coloured wooden toys ....

Felicity Sidnell Reid

Word on the Hills 89.7 FM

Interview Part 1 - July '20
00:00 / 11:38
InterviewPart 2
00:00 / 01:04

Cecilia Nasmith

Freelance Reporter & Writer

Cramahe Township resident Sharon Ramsay Curtis describes herself as painter, potter, teacher and raconteur.

She is also an author who has just written and illustrated her second children's book.

Ramsay Curtis taught for almost 40 years, tending more toward nursery school when her children were young because it was easier for family commitments. She also taught kindergarten at times and, when the Hastings County Board of Education brought in junior kindergarten, she began teaching that grade in Trenton for most of the second half of her career ....

G in Bed.jpg

Meet Gladiola ...

Gladiola Groundhog Sleeps In!

Winter is fun for a while, but when Gladiola Groundhog sleeps in, her valley is stuck in wintertime. Will she ever wake up and bring spring? Find out when you and your child share this enchanting book.

Gladi says "Book a play-date with your children's friends. Sign up to have my story read to you by the author and illustrator."

Sharon Ramsay Curtis

Please note - If you were a student of mine during my years at College Street School you are eligible for a free copy of  Gladiola Sleeps In. CSS is where the idea for Gladi was born and so I would like for those who might remember the story, told so many years ago, to have thier own copy! Contact me at the address below.


Reading is

Portable Magic!

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 11.41.01



a Book!

Meet Edward ...



A delightful children’s story about a bear and a boy, who magically find each other. Together they find friendship and great happiness while having ordinary fun!

Book a visit to our in-house author and illustrator and listen to this heart warming story with your child and a few friends.

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