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Covid Update

The garden is now open by appointment for self guided tours and book readings.

  • Indoor readings will be limited to six individuals.

  • Covid awareness protocols are followed.

  • Larger group story telling events can take place outside in the Garden or in the Screened in Porch.

Email Sharon at for more information and to schedule your visit. Or call 905 355 3257

Secrets From the Garden

Out & About ...

Take a virtual walk through our Garden

  Find a Magic Wand!

Self Guided Map to the Garden for Adventurers

After STORY TIME in the Gallery

a special event is waiting for you!!!

It is a Walking Adventure.

        Hot off the press!!!  April 10, 2020 .... An antique treasure map just turned up today, left in the Fairy Mail Box sometime this afternoon!  Come to the Artful Garden Gallery, go for an adventurous hike and when you are finished, look for your treasure in the Fairy Mail box. You will have your very own secret Magic word to use with your magic wand!!! I think that yours is Zazzeldoorne, or you may choose your own and have it entered with your name and the date into the Book of Magic Words!  


You will find  this map to aid you on your walking adventure hidden in the tiny green Fairy Mailbox by the Ancient Maple Tree House, located on the way up the path to the Artful Garden Gallery.

      During your tour you will be on the look out for a cache of sticks. (Special clue---look for a large pail) You may choose your favourite to make into your own, very special, magic wand. When you return from your travels you will find a paper bag with you name upon it, waiting for you in the Fairy Mail Box. In that bag you will find what you need to prepare your stick to become a magic wand! This is a take home project. Be sure to ask for your own personal MAGIC WORD and have it registered in your name, in The Small Book of Magic Words!

                               HAVE FUN!!!

Treasure Map.jpeg

The Gazebo Gallery

The Gazebo Gallery is a new home for my pottery. After a long  hiatus I have returned to one of my first creative loves and recently I have been busy creating both wheel thrown and hand made pots from porcelain clay. It has been a great delight to be able to use the whiteness of the clay body and glaze as a ground for decorative effects. 

In addition I have available the more traditional style of pottery in rich deeply coloured glazes.

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