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Get Growing!!! March 22, 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Well, it is obvious that you can take the Kindergarten teacher out of the classroom buuuut you can't take the Kindergarten teacher out of the woman. For all of you "stay at homes" looking to entertain your children; I offer this. First, let me digress somewhat. Many years a go, as a Brownie I was part of a project wherein we made fairy gardens. The beginning of the project involved cutting the tops from carrots and placing them in a dish of water. I still remember the awe and enchantment that I experienced as the feathery tops began to grow. It was a powerful moment. I believe that is was the beginning of my lifelong fascination with growing things. Since that first experience I have grown many things, but never celery. So two weeks ago or so after the daily salad making I placed the end of the celery in a dish of water. I had heard that this would produce results but never tried it. I was blown away by the results. Perfect wee celery stalks. If that is not magic, I don't know what is! Of course it does not take much of a leap to realize that your refrigerator is full of things just waiting to be pressed into service in your window sill garden-sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, avocado seeds, orange seeds, lemon seeds and the previously mentioned carrots and celery. It might even be time to plant some basil seeds for the coming summer gardens. So have at it. Sooooo, If you will forgive me--- JUST GET GROWING!!

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