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Segue Blog-March 1st, 2020

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

If you have been a follower of the Artful Garden Gallery you will have noticed that the last post before this on was on July 31, 2018. That is a large space of time by any reckoning! Suffice it to say that there have been big adventures in our lives, most of them medical.

Last February I discovered a lump in my breast and time both sped up and slowed down at the same time. A contradiction in terms for sure but that is how it felt.

The myriad of Doctor's appointments and long list of "to do's" made it feel as if we were on a mad carnival ride at warp speed-so much to learn and do. At the same time all of the usual things that we were used to doing fell away and our focus was slowed to lots of rests and drives in the country and really appreciating every moment. Hats and fancy scarves became the order of the day for me and I discovered that being bald made for a very fast start in the morning!

Treatment continued until mid February of this year, 2020 et voila---hair began to appear and I have begun to return to some of my old entertainments!!! I

It turned out that the medical gods were not finished with us, As a grand finale to the year, on the 7th of November, Bruce had a heart attack, and was transferred to Peterborough Hospital where he was stabilized. A week later he had a quadruple by-pass at the Peter Munk Centre and has continued to go from strength to strength.

And so a new year leaves us in greatly improved health and with the greatest respect for our amazing medical system!

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