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A Six Month Hiatus!

October 2021-

Sometimes a person just has to wonder where the time goes. The ins and outs of everyday living can be altered in a heart beat. So it has been in my life this year. Covid restrictions and the caring for friends and family in transition between this life and the next, brought forth a whole new level of priorities to my life. Mid way through my 8th decade I know that, realistically, the loss of dear friends as well as physical ability, has just begun. This final sage of my life has made it apparent that, for me, it has become necessary to make peace with the messiness of not knowing what lies ahead. Many of the things that I previously considered so important, such as painting and pottery have been curtailed for one reason or another.

All of that being said it made the creation of this painting all the more sweet! One afternoon on a late October drive I "saw" this painting and kept it in my mind for many weeks. Finally the day came when it was time to put the image on paper. Life has it's own schedule and there is wisdom in giving up trying to control outcomes. For me, at least---just sayin'!

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