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A Time for Everything

Sunday September 10, 2023

Waaay back in June there were 2 special events that occurred at our house.

The first was the silent auction at the Harnden Musical Fundraiser. This is a yearly much anticipated evening of fun , friendship and music which raises $$$s for Cobourg's Cornerstone Shelter. This year Bruce bid on, and won a lovely Tree of Life metal wall sculpture.

Far less significant but still important was, that we bought a brand new mailbox to replace the rusty, crusty, crumbling one which had served us well but was far beyond retirement age.

Fast forward to today. Over the summer both of these jobs got lost in the busy-ness of the to-do-list. But today the time was right.

If you meet me in the garden or in town and there is a giant grin on my face you will know at once the reason.

Now, off the to-do-list, both of these items now have pride of place and have found their final resting places. I am a very happy woman!

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