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Ain't it Funny how Time Slips Away!

February 16, 2021

Well, it turns out that life had some hurdles planned for us , starting just after Christmas. Our time was filled with just managing life and therefore there was not any time for observations from my "pen". We weathered all obstacles very well and now have our faces turned toward Spring.

Each year as we moil about in the big belly of winter it is our habit to take ourselves to our local Foodland and purchase some floral cheer. This year is no exception! It is amazing what joy and colour a few dollars worth of tiny potted plants may bring.

For slightly more that the price of two Timmy's coffees our kitchen window is alive with the joys of Spring. It brightens my heart every time I pass by.

But there is another small story here. While coming home from the store on a very frosty night, one of these plants suffered from serious frost bite. All of the leaves began to shrivel and die off and the whole plant looked very bedraggled. In an amazing occurrence the flowers remained perfect and continued to glow. One morning while I was at breakfast the flower stalks began to look like a tiny forest to me.

In our shop we have a small collection pf porcelain Lipton Tea animals and so off I went to find an animal for our tiny imaginary forest. I am pleased to announce that Squirrel has found a new home! He is pretty happy about it also.



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