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Amaryllis, Not just For Christmas!!

July 19, 2020

At our house Christmas is just not Christmas without the presence of beautiful Amaryllis bulbs to be planted and watched as they unfold in their own spectacular way.

Indeed for may years in my kindergarten class we planted bulbs in early January and proceeded to learn about measurement as we graphed and tracked the growth of these beautiful plants. Many children were dumbfounded when the large green pod opened up to reveal the brilliant blooms within.

Year has followed year and now we have a large collection of bulbs that get stored in the cellar each fall, to rest and be brought out to bloom again in the Summer. Some years have been amazing with as many as 15 or 20 bulbs putting on an "over the top" show.

This year has been a little different. For some reason most of the bulbs have only put forth leaves and only one bulb is producing a bloom. We are not sure why but I am giving them a Miracle Grow Cocktail in the hopes that next year we will return to a more abundant show.

Meanwhile we are very grateful for the blooms which are bringing delicate beauty to a dark corner of the back yard.


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