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Remembrance Day

November 11. 2022

WARNING-this selection contains overt Editorializing!

Today I am sharing the completed painting that I felt compelled to make this year for Remembrance Day.

Along with it, I beg your indulgence while I share a bit of the thinking process that went along with it's creation.

At this time there are not many persons living on the earth that have first hand knowledge of what are known now as "the World Wars" and those numbers diminish yearly. I was born in 1945. My memories are limited to the reading that I did as I was growing up. My family was lucky to be spared from the horrors of the "war overseas". Our family stories revolved around making do and doing without. There were telegrams back and forth when I was born because my father was away in Halifax serving in the Provost Corps.

I came to knowledge of the war by way of the Nuremberg Trials. I was old enough by then and I became aware of the brutality that had occurred. There was a hopefulness at that point that further warring would not occur.

But the years rolled on and with them came wars, both large and small. It feels as if war is always with us, as witness in the present day, to the Ukraine and the internal wars of the US. Here in Canada we have our own internal wars in many areas. Every generation has felt the effects of a war torn world in some way.

"Remembering" the pain and anguish that comes with war is an important passage each year. It gives us an opportunity to revere this who have gone before on our behalf.

But "Remembering" is not enough! We need to find ways to put into practice the skills that have been developed by the Peace Keepers who have been a guiding light to our evolution.

It is possible to learn the skills of compassion for others and of self regulation. There are so many teachers out there just waiting to be a Beacon of Peace for us all. Cruise the bookshelves and find mentor.


It all begins in our everyday life. Every thing we do contributes to peace in the world, whether it is a kind word, a smile to a stranger or recognizing our anger and letting it go.

We all can be BEACONS OF PEACE! Make it your Practice. What a wonderful way to honour the lives of those who served in war time.

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