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Update from the Garden March 28, 2017

Indoors we have been anticipating Spring for several weeks.  You see here miniature apple blossoms. We brought the branches in from the orchard about three weeks ago and they are a sweet promise of days to come! We are enjoying them so much. Next up some Forsythia branches. Once indoors they should come to bloom very quickly.

The lane way is a sea of mud as it always is in early spring. I got the Volkswagen stuck a few days ago. Fortunately the problem was solved by Bruce  with a few buckets of gravel and some fancy driving. I will be more careful for the next while until the frost is out of the ground.

Elsewhere in the garden all sorts of surprises are emerging. Many shoots are appearing and our Snowdrops by the back patio are coming on strongly. Our first Crocus lifted it’s head today.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that it appears that our Red Bellied Woodpecker is still around. I heard his pterodactyl-ish scream yesterday and and when he flew away he was followed by another with the same distinctive swoop-y flight pattern. Dare we hope that he has found a mate? A resounding yes to that!

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